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This site is for the whole of the Isle of Wight and surrounding areas

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Looking for a new job?

Whether you’re looking for full time, part time or perhaps freelance work, we may have the job you are looking for.

Our aim is simply to provide an easy way for job hunters to find and apply for jobs with employers across the Isle of Wight and surrounding areas.

We have made it easy, quick and affordable for employers to advertise their jobs, and free to use if you are a jobseeker

To do this, you will first need to register  (it will only take you less than 4 Mins)

As a jobseeker you will then be able to:

  • :Create your CV
  • : Browse jobs
  • : apply for jobs

As a Employer you will then be able to:

  • Post your job
  • Advertise your company
  • Receive email applications from our jobseeker database


Have fun!

Need to contact us:

Email: info@islejobs.co.uk