Job searching can be sometimes frustrating

Whether you’re an experienced jobseeker or completely new to the working world. The key to success? is:

Knowing where, and how, to look effectively.

To make sure you know exactly how to tailor your search, here’s our list of job searching techniques:


Use the filters – Most job sites will offer filtering options that allow users to tailor search results to their specific requirements. Alongside searching for your preferred job title and location, you should also make use of job type, salary, and suitability tools, to provide you with the most personalised results.

Set up daily alerts – Never see your job search as a one-day task. Although it might seem more convenient to just dedicate a few hours to your applications – this definitely isn’t the most effective method. You’ll limit yourself to a smaller number of vacancies, and won’t be able to see new roles as they come up. So, search as frequently as possible, and use daily email alerts to ensure you don’t miss out.

Think outside the box – Using the job title to search is fine as a starting point, but it never hurts to try different ways of saying the same thing – i.e. alternate phrasing/wording. Use keyword searching to pinpoint roles looking for specific skills, responsibilities or qualifications, and you’ll end up with a much more suitable set of results.

Make sure your preferred sectors are accurate – Whether it’s that you’re not 100% sure on your ideal job title, or you just want to be found by recruiters from outside your favoured industry, taking the time to edit your sector preferences should never be overlooked. What’s more, as many jobs span different sectors, pigeonholing yourself into one area might just be limiting your results – regardless of your overall suitability.

Start being specific – If you’re getting too many irrelevant results, it could be that your search is just not specific enough. Instead of wading through a large list to find the ones you want, consider narrowing your search. Sometimes a slight adjustment to simple things like location, or adding in a few extra keywords (see: Boolean searching) can make a big difference to what’s available.